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Submersible Deep Well Pump: 20 gpm Nominal Flow Rate, 1 hp, 220V AC, 9.8 A, 221 ft Max. Head, Celcon

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Product Details

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1 hp
Rated Voltage
230V AC
9.8 A
Phase - Pumps
Number of Stages
Number of Wires
Discharge Head Material
Stainless Steel
Impeller Material
Shaft Material
303 Stainless Steel
Nominal Flow Rate
20 gpm
Flow Rate @ 100 Ft. @ 40 PSI
18 gpm
Flow Rate @ 100 Ft. @ 50 PSI
17 gpm
Flow Rate @ 150 Ft. @ 40 PSI
15 gpm
Max. Head
221 ft
Discharge Dia.
1-1/4 in
Recommended Tank
3YA59; 4MY63
Max. Operating Temp.
86 °F
Country of Origin
Mexico (subject to change)
Product Description

These submersible deep-well pumps are buried within a well deep in the ground and push water up through a pipe that is connected to one end of the pump. They are long, cylinder-shaped devices that are submerged in water with the water pressure easing the movement of water through the pipe system. Pumps provide a constant supply of water even during dry seasons and they don’t require priming since they are submerged in water. They are connected to a tank to keep water pressure more consistent. Pumps are more effective for deep wells and go down several hundred feet compared to jet pumps that have a depth of up to 120 ft Two-wire pumps have “in-the-motor” controls and wire directly to the water system pressure switch or power supply with no need for a control box. Pumps are not for use where abrasives or heavy-water scale are present. Three-wire pumps require an above-ground control box (not included) between the pressure switch and the pump motor. They have high starting torque motors that can help loosen mineral deposits which may adhere to the pump’s moving parts.