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Combination Metal- & Wood-Cutting Band Saws

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Combination metal- and wood-cutting band saws are vertical saws. They have low-speed, high-force setting required for cutting metal and high-speed setting required for cutting wood. The operator changes the setting and performs the cut manually. Combination saws are used in maintenance facilities and small shops that don't need automated saws or that don't have the floor space for two tools. Band saws have a closed-loop blade that rotates around two wheels. A table supports the workpiece as the operator pushes it through the blade. The cut is made as the blades moves downward through the workpiece.Close

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  • Combination Band Saws


    Combination Band Saws

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    Combination vertical and horizontal metal-cutting band saws have a pivoting head that allows the saw to be used vertically or horizontally. This allows shops to have the functionality of both tools while only taking up the floor space of one tool. Vertical band saws are manually operated. They have a table that supports the workpiece as the operator pushes it past the blade. Horizontal band saws have a table that supports the workpiece and a head that is lowered onto the workpiece to make the cut, making them a good choice for large workpieces or cuts that take a long time.
    Combination Band Saws