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Safety Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About PPE?


Using the right PPE isn’t just ticking boxes to stay compliant – it’s the key to staying safe every single day. From construction sites buzzing with activity to laboratories brimming with chemicals, the right PPE can make all the difference between a regular day at work and a potentially life-altering incident.

But wearing PPE is just one piece of the puzzle. Do you know the ins and outs of proper usage or how to correctly store and dispose of it after tackling different job scenarios? Take the quiz below to test your knowledge, clear up any misconceptions and ensure you’re up to speed with PPE best practices.

Safety Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About PPE?- Grainger KnowHow



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Safety Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About PPE?

How well do you know your safety gear? Test your knowledge with our short quiz to ensure you’re up to date with key safety practices.

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