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Supply Chain and Inventory Management Trends 2022-2023: A Grainger Report


Grainger customers across industries continue to adjust how they operate their businesses to both withstand supply chain instability and remain competitive by incorporating essential technologies.The 2022-23 Supply Chain and Inventory Management Report identified trends in supply chain and inventory management uncovered in a survey of 300 Grainger customers, including how businesses are changing their inventory management, emerging technologies that impact inventory management and how companies are training their employees to provide the skills they will need in the near future.Interviews with experts also uncovered important supply chain considerations around cybersecurity and Environmental and Social Governance (ESG).

Key Report Sections
• Developing a Tech-Savvy Workforce
• Supply Chain Concerns
• The Pinch of Rising Prices
• Industry Outlook

“Organizations are realizing, especially in the C-suites and the executive chairs, that the way we got here is not the way we’re going to operate going forward.” —Kevin Hartler, Sr. Director, Grainger Consulting Services

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