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Supply Chain and Inventory Management Trends 2020-2021: A Grainger Report

Interviews with supply chain experts in November 2020 showed how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted inventory management. Grainger spoke with academic researchers and shipping executives who envision a high tech future for the industry as the shift towards automation and real-time data accelerates.

COVID-19 Challenges for Inventory Management

Supply Bottlenecks: When everyone’s bidding on the same PPE supplies, businesses without a sourcing strategy will feel the crunch. 

Staffing Shortages: At many operations, key staff members were stuck in quarantine and social distancing forced teams to spread out on the facility floor.

Outdated Forecasts: Old data couldn’t predict the new normal.

Three Trends on the Horizon

Shorter Supply Chains: Emerging technologies like 3D printing are moving production ever closer to the point of consumption.

Trading in Digital Assets: Untethering intellectual property from physical products lets value move seamlessly around the globe.

The Internet of Things: Integrating new tracking technologies will allow supply chains to make instantaneous intelligent decisions.  

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