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Office Cleaning Checklist


Nobody wants to work in a dirty office. A tidy and organized workplace can help to improve productivity and boost employee morale, among other benefits. Spring isn’t the only time to spruce things up; routine cleaning is a necessary step in obtaining a healthy and positive work environment.

Because each area of your office gets used differently, a one-size-fits-all cleaning routine simply won’t do. Instead, tackle each room individually with our office cleaning checklist to ensure every area is covered.

Reception Area/Lobby

  Mop or vacuum the floors
  Wash any glass doors or surfaces with the right cleaning solution
  Dust and polish furniture with a treatment or wood cleaner
  Disinfect furniture that is touched often, including door handles, light switches and phones
  Empty wastebaskets and refill with a new trash bag
  Tidy up any accessories, décor or furniture that looks out of place

Conference/Break Rooms

  Vacuum any carpet or sweep hard flooring
  Clean dry erase boards and organize various accessories
  Disinfect all phones and devices with wipes
  Dust any furniture such as filing cabinets, bookshelves and countertops
  Empty wastebaskets and refill with a new trash bag


  Sweep and clean tile floors
  Disinfect the sink and clean the drain of any food debris
  Clean and dry any dirty dishes with soap or run the dishwasher with the right
detergent if applicable
  Clean and disinfect the microwave
  Toss any expired or old food from the refrigerator and freezer
  Empty trash and recycling containers and replace the trash bags


  Sweep and mop tile flooring
  Test all plumbing equipment, including toilets, urinals, faucets and hand dryers
  Clean toilets and urinals with bathroom cleaners
  Tidy and disinfect all surfaces, countertops and sinks
  Disinfect main door handle and each stall
  Refill all paper products, including toilet paper, paper towels and toilet seat
  Check and refill hand soap and dispensers
  Empty all wastebaskets and refill with new trash bags


  Mop or vacuum the floors
  Dust and clean desks, countertops and other flat surfaces with disinfectant
  Dust and disinfect computers, accessories and other devices (fax machines,
copiers, phones)
  Empty all wastebaskets and refill with new trash bags

With all hands on deck, workplace cleaning is a breeze. Print out this checklist to distribute to your employees or hang it on the wall to check off each task off one-byone. With the right directions, a clean work environment is easy to accomplish and maintain.

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Cleaning Supplies

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