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Bathroom Design Trends in Commercial Restrooms


More and more, commercial restroom users are raising their expectation for your facilities. Restroom goers are no longer willing to compromise on cleanliness and quality. The newest restroom trends for commercial facilities show how to achieve the look and feel your customers are looking for when they visit your facility’s restrooms.

Quality Restroom Hardware

The look and feel of a commercial restroom can be a deal breaker for many consumers. No matter how comfortable your guests and customers may feel in your shop, hotel, hospital or facility, if they don’t feel safe and comfortable in your restroom, they are not coming back. Putting your best effort into your restroom shows the level of care you have for your customers and the amenities offered to them.

One of the most significant trends in commercial restrooms is a shift into using higher-quality materials. 21st-century consumers have a high expectation of quality and are less willing to compromise than in previous decades. For your restrooms, this means more quality materials for countertops and bathroom hardware.

Many facilities are starting to use stainless steel for bathroom faucets and other fixtures. In addition to its sleek look, consumers like that your stainless fixtures are recyclable—and probably made from recycled steel already. For countertops, many businesses are turning to granite countertops or something that has the same look and feel that granite offers.

Sleek Design

You make a substantial effort to have your business feel a certain way for your patrons. You choose fixtures, flooring and lighting to create just the right atmosphere that makes your customers feel good about being in your establishment. So why wouldn’t you extend that into your restroom?

Businesses are making an effort to change the atmosphere in their restroom to match the overall feel of their facility. The most popular restroom trend is to change the lighting. Many businesses are moving away from the bright fluorescents for their restrooms. Facility owners are taking more care to choose lighting that is soothing to the user and captures the feel of their establishment.

This also changes the choices being made in hardware, flooring and fixtures. Customers know that quality isn’t just about what materials you use, but how they are laid out. Some facilities are trending toward bathroom partitions that offer more privacy and are fancier to look at.

Keeping It Clean

By far the most important feature of any restroom is cleanliness. Consumers are very aware of bathroom germs and want to feel they are safe from them when they go. Your restroom needs to look and feel clean. Items like water on the floor or an overflowing trash can are a major turn off for your restroom users. Customers also lose confidence in a restroom’s cleanliness if the hardware is old or showing signs of corrosion, or if your grout is caked with dirt or stains.

Some facilities are keeping this in mind when choosing the materials for their restrooms. Using non-porous materials, like granite or acrylic reduces the number of germs your sink or countertop can hold and makes surface cleaning much more efficient. Germs should also be a consideration when choosing your flooring. Tile grout is highly porous and holds dirt and germs. Some companies are opting toward bigger tiles for their floors, reducing the amount of grout needed, while others are starting to look towards different flooring options altogether.

Of course one of the most sustaining trends in restroom cleanliness is the use of hands-free items. Hands-free faucets and soap dispensers reduce the amount of germs being transferred to the bathroom surfaces, as well as the use of selfflushing toilets. Customers (as well as cleaning professionals) tend to prefer automatic hand dryers to paper towels—both because of the reduction in germ transfer as well as the mess they create.

Cleaner, Better, Faster, Stronger

If you know what restroom users want, you can choose the designs and materials to make customers happy about your bathroom. Nothing can change a customer’s mind about your facility faster and more surely than the state of your restroom. They want their experience to be clean, comfortable and to feel like you’ve gone the extra mile to take care of those needs.



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