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Grainger Everyday Heroes: Rescue Ranch


See why Krissie and Ryan Newman's Rescue Ranch is a safe haven for both domestic and exotic animals. This educational ranch teaches visitors about the environment, how to respect the land and care for animals.

Krissie: We're in Statesville, North Carolina. [This is] our passion and our place called Rescue Ranch. We educate kids and teach them all about the environment, [as well as] respect and compassion [for both the environment and animals].

Ryan: Hi, I'm Ryan Newman.

Krissie: And I'm his wife, Krissie. Everything that we are doing at the ranch focuses on education. Whether it's how to plant a garden and what grows in our garden, to how [what grows in the garden] feeds our animals. It all cycles back around, so we're trying to teach the kids how that [growing and feeding] cycle can [help them] take care of themselves and sustain our earth.

All of these [animals] that you see in our building have been rescued. We don't buy any of our animals, [we add new animals as we find them]. Eventually, we're working on plans for an adoption center, because we do want to be able to do dog and cat adoptions. There are farm animals that need homes, and domestic and exotic animals that also need placement. We work with all types of animals [whether] it's a goat or a sheep, or [even] a snake. [This little bird here] likes to dance.

This is what we call our animal room. It [houses] the animals that we keep indoors at the ranch. [Having a separate room for these animals] gives us the opportunity to keep [the area] quiet. We have a lot of kids in the building, and these are the animals that typically get most stressed by noise so we can shut the door. The kids aren't [allowed] to handle them. The [animals in this area] get fresh greens every single morning. We make them salads with kale, spinach, just your basic spring mix, along with any fruit and vegetable you can think of depending on the animal and their diet.

[We want the Rescue Ranch to] be more of a destination. When it comes to the animals, [we want to] give kids and [adults positive] experiences with animals that they don't really know about. [We want them] to take away [these experiences], and hopefully make an animal's life better because of [what they learned here].

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