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Grainger Everyday Heroes: Maintenance Supervisor

Grainger Editorial Staff

Yeah, it's a nice place to be. It's secure and good people. Love the people I work with. Bill Moore, Maintenance Supervisor, CNC repair technicians. What we are is what we specialize in. So, 67 CNCs here in the facility. My guys are in charge of all the facility maintenance, air compressors along with any machine repair, vehicle repair, everything. We do it all. I think we currently have 65 employees, ramped down a little bit there the beginning of the year, but we're starting to climb back up now. Basically, we take a rough casting. Our tool room builds a fixture. We put it in the fixture, program it, add tools, machine it. When it comes out, it's totally 100% finished, and ready for the customer.

Some jobs require paint, chroming. We don't do that ourselves. We sub that out. And when it comes back, we inspect it, specialized packaging, and ship it right back out again. We just recently put in all these ventilation systems, which we're also responsible for. It's supposed to make cleaner air, which I've noticed it has quite a bit and saves a lot on the machinery. Sucks in the bad air, moves out the good air. It's better for your environment, better for your lungs.

This robot right here runs two machines. This robot over here runs two machines plus loads, unloads the part. Basically, one operator is responsible for four machines and two robots. So, it's pretty efficient as long as they run right. The biggest thing I like here is you're always learning something new. They're always willing to send you to school. I've been here 21 years, and there's always room for advancement. That's what I like about it. Business is good. We're going crazy. It's good.

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