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Meet Barnie Lopez, Head Groundskeeper for the Los Angeles Angels, who says it's all about passion, putting your time in and working hard every day.

I'm Barnie Lopez, work for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I'm the head groundskeeper here, I'm going onto my 17th season, and I take care of the field, and I have a great crew that helps me out, and we spend a lot of time here just prepping it every day, getting it ready for the team to play on. I grew up in Appleton Wisconsin, which when I was a child, they had a single A team there with the White Sox. And that was about two blocks from my house, and I always hung out at the ballpark, and then my brother became a groundskeeper, and then he went out to Florida. And then when I was a senior in high school, I took over for him. And just been moving, bouncing around, I've probably been with like six different clubs, and in 96 I was lucky enough to come here.

The challenges would definitely be concerts. We do a lot of concerts on the field. Last year we had U2, I mean two years ago we had U2. Last year we had Kenny Chesney. Getting the field back, playable, maybe like four or five days after they leave and they're coming in, we're resodding and getting things ready. That's probably going to be my biggest challenges throughout the year. We do a lot of things, just because the team's gone doesn't mean that this place shuts down. But it's all about passion. It's all about putting your time in, and getting the next spot, and really, really working hard every day. Not trying to cut corners, and just trying to be the best you can be in making your field the best you can do every day. And my crew puts countless hours in, and they have so much passion for what they do. So, it's really a great, you got to find the right guys, and then just try to be a leader and follow behind them. 

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