Grainger Everyday Heroes: Golf Course Managers

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In this episode of Grainger Everyday Heroes, a father and son team talk about what it means to work together on a lifelong dream. Every day, from sunrise to sunset, they work hard to bring a beautiful golf course back to life.

Jason Chrzan:
I am Jason Chrzan. This is my father, PGA Pro Tim Chrzan, and we are the owners of Keller's Crossing at Stone Creek. We're a little different than some owners, I'd say. Our basic day to day starts off early in the morning with one of us on a mower or both of us on mowers, and ends the day with either in the office working on paperwork. Anything from digging in dirt and doing irrigation, laying sod, to going to meetings. But this is a sun up to way past sun down job. But when you love what you're doing, it's not that big of a deal.

Tim Chrzan:
As a PGA golf professional, it's always been my dream to own my own golf course. And when Jason agreed that he was willing to become my partner, the search began, and we ended up here in Makanda with a project well beyond my expectations or thoughts. But it's exciting. We're bringing a very, very, very fine golf course back from literally the dead. It was non-playable for the last two years.

Tim Chrzan:
This golf course covers 230 acres. Your average golf course runs somewhere between 155 and 165. And so, we have just a spectacular 18-hole facility that plays well for the beginner novice golfer all the way back to the championship tees, which will test even the best of players.

Jason Chrzan:
You know, this project is kind of like the accumulation of everything we've been working for our whole lives. So being able to do that with your family and with your father especially, is probably the greatest thing.

Tim Chrzan:
There is nothing better than working with your family, and becoming a team has been the greatest experience of my life, having this opportunity to work with my son.

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