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How Grainger Helps the Cubs Deliver


Inventory management is critical for the Chicago Cubs, according to Vice President of Facilities and Supply Chain Operations Patrick Meenan. Fans expect a great experience at the ballpark, so it’s important that the Cubs operations staff has everything in place to get the job done. Grainger makes it easy for staff to have the tools, products and equipment they need, when they need it.

Over the last five years, the Cubs organization has grown rapidly, putting in place new operations and working hand in hand with Grainger to scope opportunities and develop solutions. “It’s more than just what we’re buying from Grainger. It’s really identifying what we need to buy and how we should go about that process, both in terms of procurement and overall operations,” said Meenan.

KeepStock solutions are one way that Grainger helps the Cubs with inventory management. KeepStock solutions make important MRO necessities easily available near high-use areas, allowing operations staff to focus on the big picture. Learn more about why the Cubs rely on Grainger and KeepStock inventory management solutions to take control of their stuff.

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