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Distributor Alliance Partners: Giving Back to Their Communities

Grainger Editorial Staff

The Distributor Alliance Program is a collection of highly qualified and capable small and diverse businesses across the country.

Carlos Antonio Flores, President & CEO, Coronado Distribution Co.
Core Missions, actually it's part of our mission statement, is to give back, to be a positive influence in the community in which we live in. I originally started just doing grants for military spouses because a lot of times you see there's aid for the veterans who go to school, but not necessarily their spouses. Military person has an active duty in the spouse goes to school while they're on active duty, but there's not a lot of grants for that, if you will. So what we did, we were able to do with, it's five of them. They had to write an essay and we picked about five essays and then we gave them money to go to school to help them pay for books or whatever they felt that they needed for that. For a lot of these people, their way out is through education and that's what I've seen for myself.

Sean Luigs, Owner, Elite Supply
We've volunteered our time the last three years, giving back to the community, trying to bridge the gap for inmates entering back into society. And that increased our awareness for the gaps that were missing for these incarcerated folks to get back into society the right way. And so we've come up with a curriculum called Are You Job Ready that allows folks, inmates inside to understand what it takes to be successful on the outside and the steps to take to get to those successful goals.

Dawn Hall, President & CEO, Attainit
I'm proud to partner with several women's groups in Sacramento and in Austin. And what we do is we try to identify women who, because of a particular life event might be at risk of being homeless or if they might be homeless and without jobs. And we partner with those local organizations to help provide opportunities for them. And in our own business, we offer them paid internships. So after they go through a welfare to work program, they come to us and they get opportunities to learn job skills, and they might get back into the job market where they had lost a position because of a life event.

In 2010 Grainger recognized that as a small business partner, we were being overwhelmed with order entry functions and Grainger did an incredible thing. They partnered with us to help us establish online accounts for over 2000 accounts and they dedicated resources and expertise to help us to understand e-commerce and to set up an online platform. And without that help, our business would not be as successful as it is.

Sean Luigs
Grainger is a very the best transactional company in America when it comes to taking an order and getting it to you next day. And part of our business is getting customers taken care of as well. So when you ask about the partnership, it's really worked great because when I'm in front of the customer telling them I can get them a quote and a product in time, inside I feel relieved, because I know that that's going to happen. So, I'm not telling a story when I say, you're going to get the product next day. That's just the way it is with Grainger.

Julie Cooke, Director of Government Relations, W.W. Grainger, Inc.
It brings me such pride to know that we're interacting with extremely capable and qualified and caring companies. Not only do they care about their staff members and growing their business and servicing their local community and their end customers, they really care about the partnership with Grainger. We're really proud to be associated with this group.

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