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A Day in the Life of Bob, Maintenance Engineer State University

Grainger Editorial Staff

Procurement struggles are real for Bob, Maintenance Engineer at State University, but with the Click2Buy® Direct Solution, his days of filling out tons of paperwork and hunting for approvals are over.

This is Bob.

Bob’s a busy guy.

Today, Bob only has to do four people’s jobs, so it should be a pretty easy day.

Even though Bob works a few too many hours, he still likes his job, except for a few things:

Like purchasing, and all the paperwork that comes with it.

Looks like it’s time for Bob to take care of some purchasing requests...

First he’s got to get all those purchase orders filled out—in triplicate.

Now he just needs to find his boss for approval. Just needs to find his boss...

Unfortunately, Bob still has other work to do. Lots of maintenance work.

Now that Bob found his boss, got approvals, and delivered the orders to Tim for purchasing, he can get back to his job. Or can he?

Except Tim ordered the wrong parts, again, and the sink is still clogged in the library, and the HVAC in the sciences building is stuck at 75 degrees, and the lawnmower won’t start, and the water filters in the dining hall are running slow and the lights are flickering, and Bob’s completely out of tapping screws, and, and, and...

Sound familiar?

We know exactly what it’s like, and that’s why Grainger and SchoolDude have partnered to bring you Click2Buy.

With Click2Buy, Bob’s days of filling out tons of paperwork, hunting for approvals and receiving the wrong parts are over. 

The approval process is automated and accurate product information is automatically populated in SchoolDude, the associated work order and work order IDs flow to invoice and shipping documents, so  altogether, Bob saves an average 10 minutes per work order, and Tim’s ordering challenges are a thing of the past!. Nice!

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the Click2Buy button from any work order in SchoolDude, log in or register on, check out the Click2Buy Direct Solution and start spending your time at work doing actual work today.


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