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8 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies to Buy in Bulk


Of all your commercial cleaning products, there are some items that would cause a lot more problems if you ran out. For those must-have cleaning supplies, buying in bulk or setting up a re-order system may be the best way to keep what you need on hand. It is a cost-effective way to purchase items that you use on a regular basis, and certain cleaning supplies will always be a high-use item for most businesses.

What 8 must-have cleaning supplies do you need?

1. Bathroom Cleaner

Regardless of the size of your facility, bathroom cleaner is likely to be number one on your must-have cleaning supplies list. Bathrooms are the one place in your facility that is always cleaned daily; in some cases, twice a day. Having high-quality bathroom cleaner on hand is always a necessity, and running out is not an option. A clean bathroom is not just necessary for your employees; it also sends messages to customers who use your restrooms. The state of your bathroom can be a deal breaker, so it’s important to always have the right cleaner on hand.

2. Disinfectants

Germs are everywhere, and there are many different kinds of disinfectants to combat a potentially harmful working environment. This is especially true for hospitals, childcare centers, doctors’ offices, therapy centers and schools where germs are more likely to spread. Your disinfecting cleaning supplies list might include a liquid surface cleaner, wipes and personal sanitizing solution. You may go through a lot of disinfectants if they are an open-use item for anyone in the facility, like disinfecting wipes.

3. Floor Care Products

Floors are typically an area that requires frequent and routine cleaning. Dirt is tracked in from the flow of people coming in and out, which requires a lot of upkeep. Your flooring also sees a lot of spills and stains, which means additional spot cleaning on top of your regular routine. Floor cleaner is one of those commercial must-have cleaning supplies that you will usually need in larger quantities just because of the amount and frequency in which it is used.

4. Glass Cleaner

How often should your windows be cleaned? What about other glass in your facility, like dividers, doors or partitions? This depends on where they are and how they are being used. Hospital windows, both interior and exterior, need to be frequently cleaned. Exterior windows that see a lot of dust or debris from landscaping or a nearby highway will also need to be cleaned regularly. Glass cleaner is not a commercial cleaning product that can be replaced with something else if you run out. Glass cleaning formula is designed to keep your windows free of streaks and add luster that other kinds of cleaners cannot provide.

5. Disposable Gloves

Your cleaning crew should be using disposable gloves when working. This can help protect workers from the harsh kinds of chemicals that may be found in commercial cleaning products. Overexposure to chemicals can irritate skin or cause burns or rashes. It is very important to have a supply of disposable, single-use gloves for cleaning.

6. Degreasers

Many industries deal with high levels of grease. This could be engine grease in an automotive or marine shop, machine grease in a manufacturing setting, or kitchen grease in a restaurant. Degreasers are specialty cleaning products that are engineered to cut through that difficult grease in a way that other cleaning agents can’t.

7. Dish Detergent

Restaurants require industrial strength dish detergents for their washing machines. A restaurant may need to clean hundreds of dishes a day. These detergents are designed for the high-temperature, quick wash a restaurant dishwasher provides. Clean glassware and dishes may also need to be dipped in a sanitizing liquid. Both of these cleaning items need to be on hand; to run out would mean halting business completely.

8. Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is mainly a staple for hotels, who typically wash their linens in-house. Changing sheets and towels every day adds up to a lot of laundry.Detergent must be on hand to make clean rooms available for guests coming in. This also applies to other overnight care facilities that launder on the premises.

How to Stay Stocked with the Cleaning Supplies Listed 

Stocking must-have cleaning supplies in large quantities is a good way to ensure you always have what you need. Running out of any of these commercial cleaning products could cause your business unnecessary downtime. Bulk buying or using Grainger’s Auto-Reorder are great options for these items, and can help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.


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