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Track Lighting Choices and Ideas

Grainger Editorial Staff

It’s no secret − track lighting is still a growing, popular trend in lighting. It’s easy to install, flexible to work with, and it can highlight any part of your room. There is almost no end to the different styles of track lights, the varieties of light they offer, or the things you can do with them.

Track Lighting in the Workshop

Track lighting has two major functions in a workshop setting: general lighting and task lighting.

Track lights are a sound option for general lighting because they can be installed anywhere without having to run a lot of additional electrical lines through the walls or ceilings. This is because the entire track can run off of a single fixture, rather than having to install individual fixtures for each lamp. Track lights can also be hung to any desired height from the ceiling, bringing the light closer to your workspace when desired.

Track lights can be a great choice for task lighting. As with general lighting, they have the perks of hanging to a desired height and easy install. They can be placed most anywhere in a room, bringing the light where you need it most. Track lighting is a preferred option for task lighting because you can focus the lights where you want. If you are doing work that involves small detail or specialty tools, your track lighting lamps can be pointed just where you need the light to work best.

Track Lighting in Hospitality and the Office

One very appealing feature of track lighting is that the lights can be moved and manipulated whenever the user wants, without the need for tools or moving the fixture. Need a little more light to the right? You just twist the lamp head until you have enough light pointing where you need it.

This is especially beneficial in places like restaurants, lounges, cafes and lobbies. When you run a place like a restaurant, you are looking to create a comfortable atmosphere where your customers feel comfortable and at ease. Track lighting is the preferred option to create an enjoyable experience. In addition to creating ambient lighting (that is, the general lighting for the room), track lighting can highlight specific areas, such as tables where patrons eat. Plus, since the lights are so easy to manipulate, changing the layout is never a problem.

Track lighting is also popular in hospitality and office settings because of its contemporary look and feel. There are many different styles and designs that offer any environment a unique style. Tracks aren’t limited to just a straight line−they also come in circles, ovals and varied artistic shapes. There are also a wide variety of lamps to choose from. The bulbs and covers are available in an array of colors, which will help enhance the feel of your room.

LEDs for Track Lights

LED lights aren’t just the future of lighting; they have arrived as the choice bulb type for facilities that are trying to become more energy efficient. Since most track lighting systems use the same sockets as for incandescent lamps, simply changing out your old bulb for an LED is fast and easy.

Aside from track lighting, LEDs can be substituted almost anywhere you currently have a light. There are even LEDs that can replace some fluorescent bulbs −simply pop out the old bulb and pop in the new LED.

LEDs are also the preferred bulb choice for facilities who are upgrading their lighting systems to be more connected. Many managers and operators are opting to make facilities greener by upgrading the systems to be more controlled. This includes adding sensors, dimmers, and being controlled from a remote location, with a computer or tablet.

Choices in Track Lighting

Whether you are operating an office, a restaurant or a service station, there are track lighting options that can work for you. If you need to light certain areas or change your lighting design at a moment’s notice, these versatile lights may be just what you need. If you’re looking to go a little greener, options in LED, dimming and sensors can help make your facility more energy efficient.


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