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5 Common Challenges Facing the Oil & Gas Industry

Grainger Editorial Staff

Challenge 1: Aging Workforce

Many oil and gas companies have large segments of their workforce who are able to retire in the next few years. As these experienced workers leave, companies will have to bring in new employees and contractors who are less experienced and unfamiliar with the facility.

Solutions include:

  • Labeling systems
  • Facility identification
  • Custom placards
  • Safety Training and Seminars

Challenge 2: Equipment Reliability

Oil and gas companies frequently use methods to increase equipment reliability and decrease downtime, especially unplanned downtime. By running equipment at the optimal ranges recommended by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), companies seek to increase the "Mean Time between Repair Replacement."

Solutions include:

  • Labeling systems
  • Multi-color label supplies
  • Irreversible temperature-indicating labels

Challenge 3: Inspections

Within the oil and gas industry, equipment and facility inspections are needed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. These inspections often require temporary structures, moving equipment, emergency response equipment, operational readings, ladders and more.

Solutions include:

  • InspectNTrack™ software
  • Scafftag® system
  • Labeling systems

Challenge 4: Large-Scale Events

Turnarounds, shutdowns, equipment isolation and lockout/tagout events are large-scale activities that require months of planning and can last for weeks or months. Because these shut down and start up events are by far the most common times for accidents to occur, oil and gas companies seek to find ways to help save time and reduce headaches, while helping to keep employees safe.

Solutions include:

  • Labeling systems
  • Lockout tagout devices
  • Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Services

Challenge 5: Spill Control

Spills and leaks may be the most publicly devastating events that an oil and gas company could face. That’s why it’s vitally important that you have the supplies needed to quickly and effectively respond if such an event were to occur.

Solutions include:

  • Spill control and sorbents

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