4 Advantages of Wireless Precision Measuring Tools

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4 Advantages of Wireless Precision Measuring Tools

Grainger Editorial Staff

If you run a business in manufacturing, assembly, oil and gas, aviation or nearly any other industry that outputs a consistent, quality product, adding a wireless data communication system to your precision measuring tools could be an important part of your operation.

Here are four advantages of wireless precision measuring tools that can help improve the quality of your product while saving time and ensuring highly accurate measurements.

1. Improve Measurement Accuracy on the Factory Floor

Using precision measuring tools such as calipers and micrometers can ensure that the product being manufactured falls within a specific measurement range. By adding an attachment to the tool and allowing the measurements to be transmitted wirelessly to a computer, it ensures the specs taken are collected exactly as measured.

Furthermore, if any parts coming off the production line are out of spec, you can check the measurement data collected and see exactly at what point the parts were out of spec and adjust the machinery as needed.

2. Save Time When Taking Critical Measurements

Patrick Sullivan, Strategic Distribution Sales Specialist for Mitutoyo America Corporation, explains that inspectors using measurement tools without the ability to output data have to write down measurements, and manually enter the data into a computer. With wireless precision measuring tools, inspectors only have to take the measurement. By connecting the data communication system to your business's network via Bluetooth or advanced Zigbee protocols, the measurement is automatically transmitted from the measuring tool to a database or linked application.

Companies may not be aware of the wireless options available, and those with very in-depth quality processes could improve productivity, states Sullivan.

3. No More Wires and Cables

One of the more obvious benefits of going with wireless precision measuring tools is the lack of wires connecting the measuring tool to a computer. Workers can easily maneuver around what they're measuring, improving measurement efficiency without the distraction of cables.

4. Meet Strict Certification Requirements With Ease

Wireless calipers and micrometers on a plant floor can take measurements quickly and send the data to a central repository, meeting industry certification and quality standards. That data can be used as evidence of product quality and regular testing—valuable information when it comes to meeting agency certification requirements, such as those posed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Understanding the advantages of wireless precision measuring tools can help you achieve a consistent, quality result.

The information contained in this article is intended for general information purposes only and is based on information available as of the initial date of publication. No representation is made that the information or references are complete or remain current. This article is not a substitute for review of current applicable government regulations, industry standards, or other standards specific to your business and/or activities and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. Readers with specific questions should refer to the applicable standards or consult with an attorney.

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