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3 Ways to Increase Productivity in Business

Grainger Editorial Staff

There's a well-known problem with resolutions: most of those ambitious goals for the new year fall off the radar by Valentine's Day. And as a business owner, you know that just isn't good enough.

To achieve real change for your business, dig deeper than those goals and milestones — try changing your approach. Develop new tenets to guide your everyday operations and decisions, and make those goals achievable. Consider these three A's:


Automation isn't just for CNC machines. There are automated software solutions to many time-consuming tasks, from invoicing customers to tracking maintenance schedules to monitoring payments. There are also newer apps and cloud-based tools that use machine learning to help with work that's less routine, like regulating energy consumption, monitoring safety, adjusting inventory levels, alerting you of needed vehicle maintenance and expediting job orders.

Automate wherever possible to help get things done.


Allow others to share responsibility. It's not always easy to relinquish control, but taking your business to the next level can be next to impossible on your own.

Practice delegating. Allow others to take the reins when they have special expertise. Bring in someone to help get your social media platform off the ground and running. Bring in someone to revamp your website with the latest tools. Talk to a sales coach to devise a strategy to reach customer targets that you've struggled with. Search for people within your company who have underused skills. Give them some control, and let them work for you.


Act decisively, and with a plan. Goals and objectives are good, but they fall by the wayside fast unless you have an actionable plan that helps you attain them. 

Write down your goals and your action plan. Gradual progression is key. Start with attainable goals that build toward more significant accomplishments. This is the roadmap that will allow you to reach those far-off goals.

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