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Grainger Everyday Heroes: Pastry Bakers


Betsy Schreiber, co-owner of Hey Sweet Cheeks Cupcakes and Bakery, spent a weekend in front of the TV nursing a bad case of strep throat watching a cupcake baking marathon. She became increasingly annoyed because she knew her mother, Cam Barnett, could beat the competition hands down. Today, this talented mother-daughter duo runs a successful baking business.

Betsy: I seem to recall I was watching Cupcake Wars. I just kept thinking, you know, we could do this. I'm watching these people and I'm like, we're this good. I've got the MacGyver of the baking world. I said, "We should try this, we can do this." And that's how it started.

Cam: Hi, I'm Cam.

Betsy: And I'm Betsy, and we are co-owners of Hey Sweet Cheeks Cupcakes and Bakery.

Cam: Located in Joliet, Illinois.

Besty: When we were looking for a kitchen [to bake our cupcakes] we did a lot of searching. We just couldn't find anything that was close by that we could afford. They talked to Tom, the owner [of The Great American Bagel], and he said, "You know what? I have a little space back here, if this is enough. We could clean it up, you guys could use the space." That's how that worked out, it was just a nice little relationship that they had going with the owner here.

Cam: So we try to keep everything as neat as possible here–

Betsy: I try to keep everything as neat as possible.

Cam: As I was saying, I try to keep everything as neat as possible, because we do have a limited space here. It works well for us. You have to have patience, you have to be precise, especially if you're in a crunch. You need to make sure that you're not flighty and missing ingredients because if you do, then everything gets tossed out and you have to start again. We make very good stuff, and we use all of the most natural, pure ingredients. You see butter in everything, cream cheese, whatever it is that the recipe [calls for], everything is--

Betsy: Alcohol.

Cam: Right up there, top of the line.

Betsy: Sorry, alcohol. If you're watching your diet, I'm sorry. We are not the cupcake for you.

Cam: Whoop! Uh-oh.

Betsy: See that? Messy baker.

Cam: Messy baker.

Betsy: Messy baker in the house. We like to make customers happy.

Cam: We absolutely do. Our reward is their happiness and their satisfaction with what we do for them.

Betsy: And we love working with each other.

Cam: We really enjoy working with each other. Most of the time we really enjoy working with each other. We have a good time, she's taught me a lot.

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