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QUIZ: Name That Hand Tool


If you handle tools all day, you’re more than familiar with the usual suspects. Hammers, saws and pliers are all commonplace tools, but what about the more unusual or unique ones? Can you tell a spud wrench from a tappet wrench? How well do you know your chisels? With hundreds of hand tools, there is sure to be a few that put your knowledge to the test. Take our quiz and see how well you know your hand tools. Discover a few new tools that can help on your next job.

1. A masonry tool designed to cut deteriorated mortar from between bricks.

  • A. Plugging Chisel
  • B. Mortar Chisel
  • C. Dovetail Chisel

2. This woodworking tool is over a hundred years old and was used as early as the 11th century. Its name is also its function.

  • A. Rabbet Plane
  • B. Fillister Plane
  • C. Shoulder Plane

3. This tool pulls double-duty—on the one end, it tightens nuts and bolts, on the other, it helps align bolt holes.

  • A. Marlin Spike
  • B. Spud Wrench
  • C. Tappet Wrench

4. Part spatula, part stirrer, this tool is commonly used for a variety of applications — chemical, industrial and even food service.

  • A. Paddle Scrapper
  • B. Mixing Oar
  • C. Blending Bar

5. Manually punch holes in different materials with this tool kit

  • A. Whitney Punch
  • B. Knockout Hole Punch
  • C. Hydraulic Punch

6. A must-have for mechanics, this tool repairs drum brakes and seriously decreases repair time.

  • A. Wheel Pliers Pliers
  • B. Brake Spring Pliers
  • C. Drum Spring Clamps

7. Used frequently in Asia, this tool helps with cutting and makes chopping this type of substance a cinch.

  • A. Bamboo Splitter
  • B. Apple Cutter
  • C. Branch Whacker

8. Commonly known as a 5 in 1 or 6 in 1, this multipurpose tool serves as an extension of a commercial painter’s hand, making several jobs a human hand can't.

  • A. Painter's Thumb
  • B. Edging Tool
  • C. Putty Knife


1. B (plugging chisel), 2. A (rabbet plane), 3. B (spud wrench), 4. A (paddle scrapper), 5. A (whitney punch), 6. B (brake spring pliers), 7. A (bamboo splitter), 8. A (painter's thumb)






There are plenty of unique tools out there. Some you may have stumbled across on a job site or in the bottom of that still-needs-to-be-cleaned-out toolbox. Coming across a cool tool can add a little excitement into a worker’s day, and now you’ll know what it is and how to use it.

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