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23 Items to Help You Host a Workplace Movie Night


Employee recognition is an important part of retention, and retention is critical when skilled trade workers are in short supply.

Retention programs could include employee events, such as holiday parties and meals. Another way to show how much you value team members could be by hosting a movie night in your facility. Bringing employees together for a few hours to forget about their challenges and laugh or be inspired by cinema could be fun – but where do you start? Here are 23 things you might use to create an employee movie event that will help team members feel important and inspired.

Set Up Your Theatre

Your own movie screen can be a regular projector screen, which can measure as much as 7 feet by 7 feet. However, if you wanted to be ambitious, you might be able to adapt polyethylene wall barrier films, usually used to screen off areas from debris during construction. A single roll could help create a screen nearly as large as one at a regular movie theater.

Projectors can connect to computers or DVD players and splash a movie across a screen up to 25 feet wide. Be sure to check for the aspect ratio and resolution to get the picture quality you desire. Then, add to the going-to-the-movies experience with speakers. Most models have auxiliary and Bluetooth connections. Have extension cords and power strips handy so you can set up almost anywhere.

Once the technical pieces are in place, create the viewing experience. Folding and stackable chairs might be the easiest way to create a viewing environment for a company-wide event. If you want a more communal experience, a small set of bleachers could offer that. A chaise lounge, on the other hand, might come closest to replicating the reclining experienced found in many larger movie theaters.

Create Your Concessions            

It’s not a theater experience without food. Few things evoke a trip to the movies more than popcorn, or perhaps nacho chips covered in cheese sauce via a topping dispenser. Serve up hot dogs, slushies or cotton candy if you’re inviting children of your team members.

But this is your event, and there’s no need to stay traditional. Fire up a grill to offer burgers and chicken or use a griddle and serve up pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches. Fryers can add French fries or chicken tenders to the offerings.

Glam It Up

Give your movie night the feel of a Hollywood premiere. Set up rope barriers with velvet rope and roll out a 60-foot red carpet within them so arriving employees can get the feel of that famous walk. Strategically placed spotlights, beaming into the air, can add to the effects of a one-of-a-kind event.

Move It Under the Stars

For an extra-special movie night, enjoy the warm weather months and move your event outside. Landscape accent and flood lights can provide some ambiance, while insect repellent helps your team members focus more on the movie and less on waving away bugs and pests. If things are a bit chillier, some portable heaters can warm areas up to 300 square feet.

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