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Brady Visual Lockout Procedure Service

Brady Visual Lockout Proecedure Service
What Is the Service?
Grainger and Brady (a leading, global manufacturer and provider of complete identification solutions) together offer an on-site Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Service. It can help ensure your facility has an effective lockout program and help you comply with OSHA’s lockout regulations. Brady engineers will come to your facility and create visually-instructive, machine-specific procedures that you can place directly onto your equipment.
What Are the Benefits?

Implementing Brady’s Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Service can result in immediate cost savings. Here’s how:

  • Leaving the work to trained Brady engineers helps your workforce to focus on production or preventative maintenance.
  • Procedures meet OSHA requirements, helping to decrease the time needed to implement a compliant lockout/tagout program and eliminate related fines.
  • Visually-instructive lockout procedures help save time by providing clear instructions for safe and consistent lockouts.
  • By helping to reduce injuries related to hazardous energy, your worker compensation claims, insurance rates and premiums can be reduced.

Brady’s Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Service helps save you time and money by helping to ensure you have the most effective procedures with the latest tools and technology for maintaining a compliant facility.

How Do I Get Started?
Contact your Grainger Account Manager or Territory Sales Representative for details about creating Visual Lockout Procedures for your facility today!

This service is available for Government customers on E&I, NJPA, NIPA and TCPN cooperatives. It is not available on the NASPO ValuePoint contract or for any Federal Customers.