Visual Search Terms of Access

The visual search functionality allows you to search for products available through the mobile version of the website (“Grainger App”) using images that you take with your camera or have in your photo gallery.

This summary of how the visual search functionality works and what you can and cannot use it for is provided for information purposes only, and has no legal effect. Before using the visual search functionality, you should ensure that you have read and understood our Terms of Access that govern your use of the Grainger App (including the visual search functionality).

Using the Visual Search

You can upload either an image of the product or the barcode printed on the product you would like to search. In order to use the visual search functionality, you will need to enable the Grainger App to access your pictures and/or your camera through the settings on your mobile device. You will be prompted to do so when you first use the visual search functionality.

What images can I upload?

You must ensure that all images that you upload to the visual search functionality comply with our Terms of Access

What will you do with the images I upload?

We do not claim ownership of any images you upload to the Grainger App using the visual search functionality, and ownership will remain with you and any third party whose content you include in the images you provide to us.

What happens if I cannot find a product through the Visual Search?

Although we do our best to ensure that the visual search functionality is of a reasonably satisfactory standard, we cannot guarantee that the visual search functionality will enable you to find the product you are looking for or that the search results will be accurate, will match the exact type, model and color of the product in the image you upload, or that the visual search functionality will otherwise meet your expectations.

The visual search functionality is provided on an "AS IS", "WHERE IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis, and we do not give any warranties, express or implied, regarding the availability or accuracy of the Visual Search functionality.

You are responsible for ensuring that all products you find through the visual search functionality meet your requirements, and we will not be responsible to you for any losses you or someone else might suffer as a result of your use of the visual search functionality, including if you buy any products found through the visual search functionality that are mismatched, misdescribed or unsuitable for your needs .