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Tool Reconditioning Service

Tool Reconditioning Service
What Is the Service?
Your tools are sorted, cleaned and prepared for reconditioning to your specifications. A unique ticketing procedure ensures that the tools you send in are the same tools you receive. Tools come back cleaned, sharpened, sized, packaged, and ready to perform like new.
What are the Benefits?

Help extend the life of your tools with an innovative process that uses customized software to consolidate grinding operations and passes the savings on to you. Large volume allows operators to specialize in certain tools and equipment. Innovative CNC equipment, both commercially purchased and designed and built in-house, regrinds a wide variety of tools to exacting tolerances.

Capabilities Include:

  • Reconditioning of drills, reamers, end mills, taps and most other types of high-speed, cobalt and carbide rotary cutting tools
  • CNC regrinding and manufacturing of end mills and high-performance tools
  • Manufacturing of special tooling for the aerospace industry featuring threaded shank and quick change adapter products
  • Simple modification of tools (adding a radius, step, tang, etc.)
  • Major modification of tools (changing diameter and/or other critical geometries)


How Do I Get Started?
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