New Wireless Multimeter Lets Technicians Work in two Places at Once

Standard digital multimeters are great tools for conducting electrical testing. However, as an all-in-one tool, there can be some inherent issues of display positioning when taking measurement readings:

  • Twisting uncomfortably to read the display and keep the probes in place
  • Wishing for a third hand while taking a measurement
  • Running from one place to another to take a measurement
  • Needing a second person to flip a switch while you read the display
  • Focusing on the display, while making sure the probes stay connected

Now, an important design breakthrough has helped eliminate many of these issues.

With the new Fluke 233 Wireless Digital Multimeter (DMM), you can work in two places at once and get jobs done alone that used to take two people. Its unique, detachable wireless display makes tough testing jobs easy, even if you’re working alone. This revolutionary design can help electricians, plant maintenance professionals and automotive/electronic techs enhance safety, increase precision and boost their productivity.

Some test locations are hard to reach or are in a dirty or noisy environment. With two test leads to manipulate and a meter to read, you can quickly run short of hands. This is where the Fluke 233 detachable display provides important safety benefits. Simply attach the meter to the test circuit where required, then detach the wireless display and take it with you to a control point or safer location. Then, energize the circuit or equipment and read the test results. Even if you’ve moved outside the test enclosure or in another room, you can still run tests and read results. Now you can be at a safe distance from shock, arc flash hazards, moving machinery and other dangers. The display can be separated from the body up to 10 meters (33 feet) and can even be hidden behind equipment enclosures.

The display is magnetic with a flat bottom, so you can easily mount it or set it on a flat surface where it’s easily visible. When the display is attached to the meter, it operates as a conventional multimeter.

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