Organizing Office Supplies

Organizing Office Supplies

Creating an efficient work environment requires the right kind of organization. A messy desk or supply closet can result in a loss of money and time for your place of business. Having the right highlighters or stacks of paper means nothing if no one can find them. Find out the best solutions for organizing office supplies.

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Supply closets are some of the hardest places to keep tidy in offices. Most people just throw items on a shelf and don’t think twice. Just because there’s a door doesn’t mean a closet should be messy. Setting up an organized closet starts with assessing the supplies themselves. Find the right shelves that will fit and hold all of your items. Choose your storage unit based on your industry. For example, manufacturing facilities may need heavy-duty shelves to hold large equipment while an office may only need shelves that will hold smaller supplies.

Determine placement based on use itself. For example, extra computer supplies like mice or keyboards are most likely not in high demand on a daily basis. Place them out of the way on the top shelves. On the other hand, there are supplies that are typically needed on a daily basis like file folders, planners or office paper. Make the essentials eye level and easily accessible to expedite the search process for anyone who steps foot in the supply closet.


Let’s face it: Filing cabinets get messy. No one likes to deal with papers and files, and sometimes it's easier to just throw them in a folder. Eliminate this by investing in the right kind of file cabinets, filing boxes and folders. For example, install a mail and literature organizer with the proper identification labels or a mobile one if you don’t have a lot of space available.

Be sure to position your filing cabinets in the right spot in your office—a place that people won't bump into while walking but is still easily accessible. If your files need added protection, consider locking accessories.


It's easy just to throw something in a drawer when you want to clear your desk. However, then the drawer piles up and before you know it, it’s overflowing with office supplies. Be sure to provide your employees with compartmented drawers and inserts.

That way, each accessory, like paper clips, push pins, binder clips and other supplies have their individual part of the drawer. That way, whenever one is in need, they can be easily grabbed and used.

With the right office supply storage, you can create a happier and more efficient work environment.



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