Office Design Trends and Ideas

Office Design Trends and Ideas

The workforce is always changing. As a result, so are the offices in which people work. Gone are the days where you'll find cubicles and cubicles lined up. Modern workplaces have various designs, layouts and features. Companies are investing more in offices that promote the wellness of their employees both physically and mentally, and the results are mutually beneficial.

For example, a recent survey asked employees what would improve their productivity. All of the answers included improving office design and amenities like adding relaxation/breakout rooms, investing in better technology, more quiet spaces to work—the list goes on. Check out some of the latest office design trends:

1. Better, Faster Technology

It probably comes as no surprise that companies are always trying to keep up with the ever-changing technological age. Investing in new technology not only improves the overall appearance of a company but can improve productivity, as well.

Businesses everywhere are investing in technology that doesn’t tether employees to their desks each day. Personal laptops, tablets, wireless keyboards and computer mice and smartphones are just some of the devices and tools that are considered the norm. Nearly all workers prefer the option of working remotely but need the right tools to do so. When you provide employees with technology and media that allows them to become increasingly mobile, the level of work productivity improves.

2. Personalized Furniture and Workspaces

Not all of your employees are the same, so they shouldn’t be treated as such. Since work can increasingly be done relatively anywhere, more companies are offering personalization. Adjustable-height or standing desks are some of the main offerings that contribute to an office design that’s ergonomically sensible and adaptable.

High-quality office furniture is worth the investment. It not only improves the overall happiness of your employees but has health benefits, as well. Adjustable furniture allows for workers to alter their workspaces to a design that caters to their needs.

3. Green Thinking

By this time, most companies are contributing their efforts to help create a more sustainable workplace and world. Those contributions can be anything from adding trash and recycling bins to going paperless and on. However, more companies are integrating this green initiative when thinking about workspace layouts. Working in an office can take a physical toll on employees’ moods. Reducing enclosed areas can provide more natural lighting and a more comfortable environment. LED lighting is less harsh than fluorescent bulbs and mimics outdoor lighting. All of your efforts, big or small, can contribute to a greener workspace, which is better for everyone and everything.

The modern office will always be evolving. Keeping up with the office design trends has its benefits for employers and employees alike.



Pub. 11/2017

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