Hospitality at its Finest—LED Lighting Extends a Warm Welcome

Switching to a more energy-efficient lighting system doesn’t necessarily mean giving up ambiance. This is an especially important consideration for hotels and other hospitality properties, where guests pay for and expect appealing, softer and more relaxing visual spaces.

Cree® LED lighting fixtures and lamps can help you create the environment you want, while still helping you lower your energy bills and maintenance costs. In fact, the efficiency of LED lighting systems can reduce energy costs by up to 80% depending on the older technology being replaced, and in many cases, can pay for itself in less than two years.1

Problems with "Legacy" or Older Lighting Systems in Hotels

Higher maintenance costs due to shorter lamp life can contribute to "burned-out" lamps and poor image.

  • Higher energy costs with incandescent and halogen lighting can negatively impact your bottom line.
  • Poor color rendering with fluorescent systems can impact your guests’ first impressions, especially in the lobby and other common areas.
  • Poor lumen maintenance with fluorescent systems creates dimly lit spaces, which can make guests feel uncomfortable and unsafe in hallways and external entrances and exits.

Cree® LED Lighting Solution Improvements

Long lifetimes that surpass legacy systems up to 5 times (5X Factor)2 can reduce maintenance time, life time, and first cost, while virtually eliminating "burned out" lamps to improve your overall hotel image.

  • Energy efficiency improvements can deliver up to 80% savings, directly impacting your bottom line.
  • The highest color rendering available (90+ CRI) can accentuate the hotel property investments in furnishings, décor, and color schemes.
  • Consistent and high lumen performance that features improved color rendering illuminates hallways, entrances and exits and creates a warm and inviting feel for guests.

Financial Case Study: Twelve-Story Hotel

Financial Case Study for Twelves Story Hotel

Estimated Payback Using Three Lighting Products from Cree

  • $53,362 total lifetime savings
  • Payback within 9 months
  • 8,037 total watts saved
  • 38,405 kWh saved annually
  • 187 hours saved relamping

What Are the Products?

Standard Features: The Cree products in the chart below are designed to last 50,000 hours and have a 5-year fixture warranty.

The Cree products in the chart

To see how these savings were achieved, and to calculate your own please visit:

Find Your Lighting Solution

In the hospitality and healthcare industries, lighting systems are in use 24/7 and represent a large part of a facility’s overall operating costs. Finding the right lighting solution that offers long life and efficiency, while still achieving the right atmosphere and effect can be a real challenge. The good news is that lighting manufacturers like Cree have recognized this issue and now offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Where do you start? You can find out more by visiting and You’ll find the tools and resources you need to get started changing your lighting for the better.

  1. Energy savings will vary depending on the system watts of the existing lighting system being replaced. Payback (ROI) will also vary depending on the cost per kilowatt hour (KWH) being charged by the local utility supplying electricity. Savings and payback in this example is representative of what a hotel property could expect operating in a typical environment using comparable products in the example.
  2. (Comparison to a 26W average rated life @10,000 Hr compact fluorescent vs. CREE CR6 Series LED Downlight average rated life @ 50,000) 50,000 hr divided y 10,000 hr = 5 (5X= Factor)

Savings and payback are representative of what customers could expect operating in a typical hotel environment using comparable products.

The information in this case study was provided by Cree Lighting and was used with permission.