Your Electrical Supply Checklist

Your Electrical Supply Checklist

In today’s modern age, no place of business can be successful without the right electrical supplies. Regardless of your industry, there are certain products and accessories that you should keep fully stocked—all year round. Luckily, we made it easy to keep your cabinet filled with the necessities. Here is your electrical supply checklist.


1. Outlet strips

Picture it. You’re on the floor ready to plug a cord into an outlet, and you realize there just isn’t any space left. Now what? Don’t weigh the importance of each instrument to decide which one has to be unplugged. Ensure that you have enough room for everything that needs power (and perhaps a bit more) with outlet strips. These devices not only reduce clutter and frustration, but they also improve safety. With their help, all your cords are in one spot to make the workplace more organized, and as a result, more efficient.

2. Extension cords

Get the power you need, wherever and whenever by stocking up on extension cords. That way, getting the job done is never too out of reach.

3. Fuses

When you have a lot of systems working at once, sometimes wires can get overheated. The best way to protect your workplace and employees alike is with the help of an electrical fuse. That way, you’ll get the protection you need without any interruption during the workday.

4. Batteries

Let’s face it: There are a lot of instruments out there that run on batteries, from clocks to calculators to tools. That cordless drill has to run on some power, after all. Instead of wasting time and money buying individual battery packs in the checkout lane, stock up your facility’s cabinet with all the types you need, whether they are coin and button cell batteries or heavy-duty battery acid.

5. Bulbs and Lamps

No one can overstock on bulbs or lamps. Lights burn out, so it’s always a good idea to keep your cabinet fully stocked with the right kind, so no one has to work in the dark.

Having the right batteries or a long enough extension cord may sound trivial in the grand scheme of things, but the right tools play a major role in the success of your business or facility. Be sure to check these electrical supplies off your to-do list.


Pub. 04/2017

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