Choosing The Right Cabinet For The Job

Hallowell Cabinets

When considering purchasing a storage cabinet, here are few key questions to ask:

1. How tough does my cabinet need to be?

Cabinets fall into three main categories:

Commercial cabinets: These are "GOOD" light use cabinets, ideal for office, commercial or light business uses such as storing forms and supplies.

Industrial cabinets: These are "BETTER" everyday use cabinets that are stronger, heavier and have more stability and capacity than commercial cabinets. They are ideal for light manufacturing and plant floor uses.


Heavy-duty cabinets: These are the "BEST" cabinets and are made of stronger and more durable materials. Petroleum, mining and logging industries are just a few of the customers who require heavy-duty cabinets. Maintenance and service areas and plant floor operations also find these cabinets to outperform and outlast lighter products.

2. What style cabinet do I need?

Cabinets generally come in three basic styles: storage, wardrobe and combination. Storage cabinets include horizontal steel shelves for storage, organization and security of equipment. This is the most popular style of cabinet. Wardrobe cabinets are designed with a coat rod and top shelf and are primarily used to store uniforms or garments. Combination cabinets combine shelf storage with a small coat rod for garments. This style is preferred by janitorial staff, as it can store a variety of liquids as well as brooms and mops.

3. What options do I need?

Once the "Use" and "Style" are determined, the final step in selecting the right cabinet is to choose the options you need.

    • Mobile cabinets include casters for portability.
    • Vented cabinets provide airflow.
    • Transparent cabinets use clear doors to increase visibility, security and
      employee safety.
    • Rust resistant cabinets use special materials that inhibit the growth of rust.
    • Anti–microbial cabinets incorporate coatings that restrict the growth of mold,
      mildew and bacteria.
    • Heavy–duty leg kits provide forklift access and allow for easier cabinet
    • Modular Drawers make it easier to keep small parts organized.

Still not sure which cabinet to choose? Knowing what the cabinet will be used for is the first step. Then just pick the style that works best for you and the options that you need.

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