Abrasive Characteristics and Types

Abrasive Characteristics and Types

Proper metalworking requires the right abrasive. These are minerals (or mineral-like substances) used to shape, grind or cut metal. Using the right abrasive is essential to getting the job done without damaging your surface. Learn about the right abrasive types for your particular surface material.


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Grit Size

Grit size is an extremely important characteristic when deciding the right abrasive for your task. The grit size indicates the grade on the abrasive side of the paper. The higher the grit size, the finer the abrasive is. The basic descriptions of abrasive types range from coarse to medium to fine. Here’s basic table of the different kinds of grit sizes.

Size Type
12, 16, 20 Super coarse
24,30,36 Extra coarse
40,50,60 Coarse
80,100 Medium
120,150,180 Fine
220,240,280,32 Extra fine
400,500,600 Super fine
800,1200 and finer Extra fine