Top 10 Interior Car Accessories You Need for Your Fleet

Top 10 Interior Car Accessories You Need for Your Fleet

There is almost no limit to the accessories you can get for your car these days. Your car can have eyelashes and bunny ears, or its own pizza oven and frenchfry holder. With all the interior and exterior car accessories available on the market, you might become overwhelmed and forget what you actually need. When shopping for your fleet, these are some items you should keep in mind when stocking up the interiors.


1. Battery Chargers

There are a variety of reasons why your car battery is dead. Most likely it was drained due to some mistake or oversight of the driver. In the previous millennium, cars with dead batteries needed a jump, which meant waiting for another car to show up to help. Keeping a car battery charger on hand means an on-site, ready to go charge is available at any time. Some new batteries can fit in your pocket and has hookups for your laptop or USB devices as well.

2. Emergency Road Assistance Kit

Safety is a number one priority in your workplace and this extends to your fleet vehicles. Every vehicle should be equipped with an emergency road assistance kit—just in case. This kit should include, among other things, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, spare fuses batteries, a flashlight, flares, duct tape, a multi-utility tool and a rain poncho.

3. Bluetooth Interactive Device

Some cars, especially newer models from the last two to three years, come with Bluetooth capabilities built into the dashboard. If your fleet vehicles do not come with this option, a Bluetooth car kit can help you interact with your phone through your car—in a safe and easy hands-free way.

4. Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera is a car accessory that stays fixed on your dashboard and continually records everything that is going on. These typically come with frontfacing cameras that are used to determine the details in cases of accidents or mishaps. Dashboard cameras can also come as dual-facing, which record both out of the windshield and within the car, and some even come with GPS capabilities.

5. Steering Wheel Desk

Many fleet drivers live (or work) out of their vehicles. They may be drivers that haul freight or goods. They may be service technicians that travel from site-to-site. Or they may even be chauffeurs, taxi or bus drivers. Whatever the kind of driver, there is most likely a lot of paperwork that gets done in the front seat of this fleet vehicle. A steering wheel desk snaps onto the wheel, providing and instant tabletop. Any logs or papers the driver must fill out can now be done on an ergonomic work surface, instead of a lap. However, this desk should never be used while driving.

6. Seat Belt Cutter Tool

These tools are a good addition to the emergency kit you have in your vehicle. In the case of an accident, fire or another vehicle emergency, sometimes the seat belt cannot be undone and the driver becomes trapped in the vehicle. Seat belt cutters are a small, handheld cutting tool that rip through the restrictive belt and free the driver. Many of them also come with a dual glass-cutting end, which can shatter a car window if the driver cannot open the door. Whether you have a seatbelt cutter or a pair of scissors, it’s important to keep it in easy reach in case of an emergency.

7. Mobile Hotspot

The more electronic we become in our companies, the more connected we need to be—even in our vehicles. If you are in need of internet on the road, you could probably use your cell phone as a hotspot, but this is a huge energy drain. There are devices available on the market now that turn your car into a fixed hotspot, so you never have to worry about connectivity while on the road again.

8. Upgraded Rearview Mirror

Rearview mirrors used to have only one function—to show you (most of) what was behind you (you know, minus that huge blind spot). You can now get rearview mirrors with blind spot control and rear cameras that help eliminate spots you might be missing now.

9. Car Vacuum

A clean car is also a safer car, and safety is always first on your list. Promoting cleanliness ensures your company’s property is being cared for by employees. If your business transports passengers in any fashion, keeping a clean car is important to your customer service. Many car vacuums conveniently plug-in to your car’s cigarette lighter so there is no need to search for an outlet.

10. USB Charger

Almost all of your electronic devices will charge on a cord with a USB port. Car chargers that plug into your old lighter socket (because you certainly can’t get lighters for them anymore) will almost always now come with at least one USB port. Many of them will come with two or three, so you can plug in multiple devices at once.

Outfitting your fleet ensures your drivers have the necessary tools—whether they are traveling long or short distances. Keep your vehicles up-to-date and give your drivers the right equipment with these ten must-have interior car accessories.


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