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It’s Time to Take Costs Out

Grainger has what you need to help you get organized, stay safe, reduce energy and maintain a clean work environment.


Solution #1: Be Organized

Be Organized

Move it. Store it. Ship it. Make Grainger your one-stop shop for material handling equipment and supplies to help keep your facility efficient and productive.

Resources and Services

Order History
Choosing the cabinet for the job


Solution #2: Get the Right Tool

Get the Right Tool

Having the right tool for the job helps you work harder and smarter, increasing productivity—saving you time and money.

Resources and Services

Hand Tools Safety
Non Sparking Tools
Insulated Hand Tools
Mobile solutions


Solution #3: Keep it Clean and Efficient

Keep it Clean

Let Grainger be your resource for products and solutions that can help ensure your facility is safe and clean for your employees and customers.

Resources and Services

Flu IQ
Lighting Resource
Lighting Controls
Light Replacement Tools


Solution #4: Stay Safe

Stay Safe

Grainger has over 100,000 safety products, plus the services and resources you need to help reduce injuries, facilitate compliance, manage risk and increase productivity.

Resources and Services

Quick Tips: Choosing the Proper Cut-Resistant Gloves
Low Led Compliance Article


Solution #5: Reduce Energy

Reduce Energy

We offer a full range of energy-efficient products and solutions to help you lower operating cost and increase facility performance.

Resources and Services

Use Your Power Responsibly
40 Ways To Go Green
Green Resources
Paperless Invoicing Request


Solution #6: Be Prepared

Be Prepared

No time for downtime! Grainger products and solutions can help you properly maintain machines to meet your quality standards and avoid costly waste and rework.

Resources and Services

Emergency Prep
Repaired Parts
Auto Reorder
Triple Guard


Solution #7: Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

Healthy employees are productive employees. Help maintain a healthy environment for your employees and help reduce work-related stress and health care costs.

Resources and Services

Four Quick Tips for Optimizing Your HVAC System


Solution #8: Get Connected

Get Connected

Your business demands options. That’s why our website, app, book and branches are all connected. Learn about all the ways you can get more done.

Resources and Services

Info Library
Mobile Solutions
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