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Resources You Can Use Now

Safety demands a 24/7 commitment. Below you'll find safety-related checklists, assessments, tools and tips that you can put to work right away as you build and sustain a culture of operational excellence.

Safety Solutions

Personal Protection Equipment


Electrical Safety


Confined Spaces


Safety Communications


Slips & Trips




Working at Elevated Heights


Emergency Planning


Machine Guarding


Material Handling Safety

Solutions to help keep your employee safe while working with or around material handling equipment and products. Includes:
• Hazards Around Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT)
• Mechanical Lifting Hazards

Lone Worker

Solutions to help protect workers working alone in high hazard environments. Includes:
• Hazardous Location
• Non-Hazardous Location

Hot Work

Solutions to help protect from hazards caused by spark and heat-producing work (welding, cutting, brazing) and maintain compliance. Includes:
• Regular Work
• Critical Environment

Health Solutions

Medical First Aid


Cold Stress


Heat Stress




Workplace Wellness

Systems to promote a healthy environment. Prevention of health incidents to identification of possible health hazards and then offer controls. Includes:
• Medical Surveillance
• Pandemic Response
• Return to Work (RTW)
• Illness Prevention

Airborne Contaminants & Noise


Radiation Safety

Solutions that help keep employees safe when working with lasers, when working around radiation (X-rays) and eye protection. Includes:
• Ionized Particles
• Lasers

Environmental Solutions


Solutions to help monitor air quality and ensure compliant air emissions.


Solutions to help monitor water quality and ensure compliant water discharge.


Solutions to help with proper documentation, storage and disposal of solid and hazardous waste.

Chemical Management

Solutions to help manage containment of spills, maintain proper documentation and storage of chemicals.

Environmental, Health & Safety Services

Through our network of qualified, insured and licensed service providers, we can offer your business comprehensive solutions like consulting, audits and training that help meet your safety goals.

Grainger Presents: Safety Videos

Check out tips and info plus, the history and people that move safety culture.

Grainger Experts

Meet some of the people committed to helping you build a safety mindset for your business.

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