Safety & Health Checklists

Use these checklists to help identify potential workplace hazards. The questions are based on applicable OSHA safety standards. The checklists can help you determine corrective measures that may be needed to help eliminate hazards and keep you in compliance with critical workplace safety regulations.




Cages, Wells and Platform Criteria (General Industry)
Cover Criteria (General Industry)
Criteria for Supported Scaffolds (Construction)
Designated Area Criteria (General Industry)
Dockboards (General Industry)
Duty to Have Fall Protection and Falling Object Protection (General Industry)
Fabricated Frame Scaffolds (Construction)
Fall Prevention (Construction)
Fall Protection Plan (Construction)
Fall Protection: Personal Fall Arrest Systems (Construction)
Fall Protection Systems and Falling Object Protection - Criteria (General Industry)
Fall Protection Systems Criteria (General Industry)
Fall Protection: Training Requirements (Construction)
Fixed Ladders (General Industry)
Grab Handle Criteria (General Industry)
Handrail and Stair Rail Criteria (General Industry)
Horse Scaffolds (Construction)
Housekeeping (General Inustry)
Ladder Jack Scaffolds (Construction)
Ladders (Construction)
Ladders - General Requirements (General Industry)
Ladder Safety System Criteria (General Industry)
Mobile Ladder Stands and Platforms (General Industry)
Personal Fall Protection Systems (General Industry)
Personal Protective Equipment Personal Fall Protection Systems: Positioning Systems - System Performance and Use Requirements (General Industry)
Personal Protective Equipment Personal Fall Protection Systems: Personal Fall Arrest Systems - System Performance and Use Criteria (General Industry)
Portable Ladders (General Industry)
Protection from Falling Objects (Construction)
Rope Descent System (General Industry)
Safety Net Criteria (General Industry)
Scaffolds - Fall Protection (General Industry)
Scaffolds - Falling Object Protection (General Industry)
Scaffolds: Bricklayers' Square Scaffolds (Construction)
Scaffolds (Construction)
Scaffolds: Falling Object Protection (Construction)
Scaffolds: General Requirements (Construction)
Scaffolds: Training Requirements (Construction)
Scaffolds: Use (Construction)
Stairways (General Industry)
Step Bolts and Manhole Steps (General Industry)
Toeboard for Preventing Falling Objects Criteria (General Industry)
Training Requirements (General Industry)
Tube and Coupler Scaffolds (Construction)