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Glove, Clothing and Material Chemical Compatibility Resources

Quick Tips #212

Chemical compatibility must often be considered for many applications. The internet is a great tool for immediate accessibility to timely safety information and resources. The following websites are just some of the many resources where you can find up-to-date chemical compatibility information on gloves, clothing and materials.

NIOSH Databases
NIOSH has a number of useful databases dealing with chemical hazards and worker health information.

Glove Chemical Compatibility Resources

It is best to refer to the specific manufacturers test data for the gloves you are using. Many manufacturers have made it easy to access this information by having it right on their internet site.

ShowaBest Glove
Get chemical compatibility information by downloading their ChemRest Guide, free. The guide contains chemical resistance data for many ShowaBest brand gloves.

North Safety
At North Safetys website, you can register to use the online selection guide for Respiratory and Hand Protection which includes compatibility information on their Silver Shield, Viton, Butyl, Natural Rubber, Chemsoft and Nitrile gloves.

MAPA Professional
MAPA Professionals website has an easy-to-use chemical resistance guide that allows you to search by chemical, CAS number, glove name or glove material. Information on glove degradation and chemical permeation is given.

Ansell Edmont
This aid was created to assist customers in determining general chemical suitability with their products. This guide does not take into account cuts, punctures or abrasion. Complete suitability for a specific job must be tested by the end user.

Kimberly Clark Safe Skin

Micro Flex

Clothing Chemical Compatibility Resources

Tychem Clothing
Dupont has extensive chemical compatibility information on their family of Tychem protective clothing fabrics.

Kappler Apparel
Kappler has online chemical compatibility information for their Zytron protective clothing.

Kimberly Clark

Material Chemical Compatibility Resources

Nalgene Plasticware
Nalge Nunc has general chemical resistance information about the different resins in their plastic labware products.

Tygon Tubing
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has compatibility information for each of their tubing formulations.


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