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Protect Your Motor With Electrical Supplies

Keeping your motor protected is critical in your day-to-day operations. From fuses to energy-saving starters, Grainger has the electrical supplies you need to help keep your motor running its best.

Motor Starters

Starters protect against overload and short circuits, and isolate the load from mains and control (start/stop). NEMA motor starters should be used in applications where a motor will need to stop and start often. IEC motor starters are the best choice in applications where a motor runs non-stop.

Relays & Contactors

Relays control current flow in a circuit based on signals obtained from an information source. Contactors are used to electrically turn on or off high-current, non-motor loads or in motor loads where overload protection is separately provided. A contactor does not provide overload protection. Learn More!


Fuses, in conjunction with motor starters, provide complete protection for your motor. Fuses provide protection in locked rotor situations while motor starters provide long-term thermal protection. It is critical to choose the right fuse with the proper amp rating.

Test Instruments

Laser distance meters are used to determine the proper size of wire for the motor. IR thermometers are used to measure the heat of the motor to help diagnose problems.
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