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Prescription Safety Eyewear Services

A Better Way to Help Protect Your Employees’ Vision

Help ensure your employees wear appropriate eye or face protection when they're exposed to hazards. Employees who need safety glasses and also wear prescription lenses must either wear safety eyewear that incorporates the prescription in its design or use safety glasses that can be worn over prescription lenses without disturbing the proper position of either. Grainger has options to help your employees with their prescription safety eyewear needs.

*Contact your Grainger rep for details, availability and eligibility. Services are provided by third-party providers and may be subject to a fee and agreement.

More than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day. About 1 in 10 require one or more missed workdays to recover. Of the total amount of work-related injuries, 10 to 20% will cause temporary or permanent vision loss. (Source: Prevent Blindness)

Over $924 million in workers' compensation and nearly $4 billion in wage and productivity losses are incurred annually as a result of these injuries. (Source: Prevent Blindness)

90% of eye injuries could have been lessened in severity or even prevented by wearing the right eye protection. (Source: Prevent Blindness)

Nearly 3 out of 5 workers who suffered eye injuries were not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Prescription Safety Eyewear Solutions

You Want:

• To order on site through a kiosk or directly online
• A selection from a full range of options and upgrades
• An integrated benefit management system

You Want:

• All-inclusive package price option
• Wide network of eyecare providers
• Self-service
• No minimum program size

You Want:

• A selection of packages, including base price options
• Available company- or employee-paid upgrades
• Ordering through an optician (on or off site)
• A program for companies with 150 or more PPE users

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