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Common Plumbing Problems & Tool Solutions

Are your plumbing problems overflowing? When plumbing problems are on the rise, count on Grainger for the proper plumbing solutions and tools to help you handle the job quickly and effectively. Whether it’s shutting off a waterline to fix a leak or solving plumbing issues that are underground, Grainger has the resources to help you get it done. Look below to learn more about common plumbing problems and the solutions that could help stop a small problem from turning into a big one.

Solution for Plumbing problem #1: Removing Blockages to Unclog Drains Solution for Plumbing problem #2:Using Pressings as an Alternative to Soldering Solution for Plumbing problem #3: Pinpointing Obstruction Shop All Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Problem #1Clogged drains can be a challenge to any plumber. Having the right plumbing tools can make all the difference.

No matter how experienced the plumber, blockages that clog main lines are often difficult and require significant effort to remove. Blockages can be hard, caused by such objects as tree roots, or soft, caused by grease or hair. Adding to the level of difficulty, some lines, such as sink lines, are harder to reach.

Plumbing blockages cannot be removed without the correct equipment. Depending on the type, size and location of the blockage, there are specific products that can help. For sink and main lines ¾” to 10” in diameter, sectional and drum machines will remove the blockage. To clean out a sink, tub or shower drain, sink machines can be used. Water jetters are capable of cleaning soft blockages.

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Plumbing Problem #2Shutting of all the water lines takes time. Use pressing tools instead and avoid unnecessary interruptions during plumbing repairs.

When a leak in the water line is discovered at a facility, typically the water line must be shut off for repairs. The problem with this is that if the facility is a large one, and the leak is discovered during the day when the facility is occupied, it can be a huge inconvenience to the building occupants. Further, the repair will likely involve soldering, which will require the building manager to obtain a hot work permit.

One solution to this common problem is to use pressing tools to repair the leak. This process is much faster, because it doesn’t require bleeding lines or soldering. The building occupants are undisturbed, the leak is fixed and there’s no need for a hot permit. Another added benefit is lower labor costs.

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Plumbing Problem #3Solving plumbing issues underground can be a guessing game. Diagnostic tools help see the problem directly, pinpoint it and record exactly what it is.

When it comes to drain cleaning, there are often problems underneath the ground or far down in the plumbing system that aren’t visible or easy to fix. The first instinct is to guess what the problem is, or just start using the trial and error to solve it. If it’s serious enough, this process might involve digging or even demolition to get at the source of the issue. Facility managers now have a variety of diagnostic tools that include LED lamps or cameras to help find the problem, locate the depth of the obstructions and assess the situation immediately. This assessment can be presented to the customer or decision maker for approval, and the problem can be handled quickly and effectively without unnecessary digging or destruction.

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Source: RIDGID® Professional Tools

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