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How long will it take to update my account to receive paperless invoicing?
Once your request is received, paperless invoicing is usually setup on the requested account within three business days. An email will be sent to the billing email address listed on the request form to confirm the paperless invoicing request. Please make sure that your company's email system will not flag emails sent from as spam.
How frequently are invoices sent to my email inbox?
Invoices are emailed each weeknight, excluding holidays, after the invoiced products are shipped or picked up. Note: You may receive the invoice before you receive the product.
Will I still get paper invoices via mail?
No. You will no longer receive paper invoices unless you discontinue paperless invoicing.
How can I go back to paper invoicing?
To discontinue paperless invoicing and receive paper invoices, please send your request to
Can I change the email address on my account at a later date?
Yes, to change the email address, please send your request to
Will each shipment result in a separate invoice?
Yes, each shipment will create a separate invoice sent via email. This original invoice, in PDF format, includes the Grainger Terms of Sale on the last page. View a sample invoice. Note: If you decide to print the invoice, you can choose not to print the Grainger Terms of Sale.
Will my monthly statements be affected when I convert to paperless invoicing?
No, if you receive monthly statements, you will continue to receive them via mail. These statements are currently not offered via email.
Can I have the invoices emailed to more than one email address?
No, invoices are sent to only one email address per Grainger account number. If you would like to have multiple contacts in your organization receive electronic invoices, you may choose to automatically forward the emails you receive from to other users within your organization.
When I sign up, will all of my account numbers be converted to paperless invoicing?
In order to sign up multiple Grainger account numbers for paperless invoicing, you will submit a separate online request form for each account number or you may send a spreadsheet listing all account numbers and associated email addresses to In your request, please also indicate if you want to receive invoices for your credit card transactions.
Where can I locate my Grainger account number?
Your account number is listed in the top right hand corner on your invoice or you may contact Customer Service by calling 1-800-GRAINGER (1-800-472-4643).
Can I receive invoices for orders paid with cash or checks at a branch?
You will not receive invoices for transactions that were paid for with cash or check
Can I receive invoices only for the transactions/purchases that I have made, without receiving invoices for all the transactions on the account?
Paperless invoices will be generated for all transactions on the account number set up on paperless invoicing, regardless of who placed the order or what ordering method was used. We do, however, have a few recommendations that may help you distinguish invoices for your transactions, as follows:
  • If you know the PO number for your transactions, you can identify the invoices associated with an individual user’s transactions. Since the PO number is in the subject line of the email, the invoices can be easily forwarded to the appropriate user if all the purchasers use their individual names as the PO number.
  • Your company can setup a generic accounts payable email box to where the invoices are sent and then allow access to all purchasers on the account. Purchasers can then access their relevant invoices from the group email box.

For more information, please email us at or call 1-800-GRAINGER (1-800-472-4643).

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