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Supplier Overview / Carrier Registration

Become a Transportation Carrier

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Corporate Profile

W.W. Grainger, with 2021 sales of $13.0 billion, is a leading broad line distributor with operations primarily in North America, Japan and the United Kingdom. Grainger achieves its purpose, We Keep the World Working®, by serving more than 4.5 million customers worldwide with a wide range of product categories that keep customer operations running and their people safe. Grainger offers more than 2 million maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) products in its High-Touch Solutions assortment and more than 30 million products through its expanding Endless Assortment offering.


US Grainger Transportation

We have 16 distributions centers, 295 branches, and 3 cross docks across the U.S. We collaborate with approximately 5,000 suppliers. On a daily basis, we approximately ship 170,000 parcels, 6,000 LTL shipments, 300 TL shipments, and 50 IM shipments.


Grainger is not currently onboarding asset-light or brokerages. We will maintain your contact info on file and reach out directly if we identify a need or fit.


Please complete this form if you wish your company to be considered a motor carrier or broker for Grainger

What is your company’s U.S. DOT safety rating?

Is your company presently the subject of a U.S. DOT/FMCSA safety audit?

If Yes, please provide details

What is your company size?

What mode do you offer?

Asset or independent contractor-based?

( %) Asset

( %) Indepedent Contractor

Do you operate as both a motor carrier and a broker?

( %) Motor Carrier

( %) Broker

With respect to your broker-based traffic, explain your procedures for vetting a selected motor carrier’s safety compliance status and selecting the motor carrier.

Where are your power locations?

How many tractors do you own or operate?

How many trailers do you own or operate?

Can you drop trailers?

Do you have certified hazmat drivers?

What is your ideal average length of haul?

Can you provide carrier tracking statuses?

Are you working with any of the following shipment visibility platforms?

Do you transport food/produce?

Are you a women-owned or minority-owned business enterprise?

Grainger's minimum public liability insurance requirement is $2M. Do you currently have coverage to meet that requirement?

Grainger's minimum cargo insurance requirement is $200,000. Do you currently have coverage to meet that requirement?