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Home / Supplier Overview

Grainger Supplier Overview

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Here you’ll find helpful information about the requirements and expectations of becoming a Grainger supplier or carrier, plus information on our Supplier Diversity Program and sustainability resources.


More than 5,000 suppliers worldwide provide Grainger businesses with more than 1.4 million products stocked in Distribution Centers (DCs) and branches globally. We also work with over 600 women-, minority-, veteran-, service-disabled veteran- and LGBT-owned businesses in the U.S. for goods and services.

Expand your distribution network and enhance your diversity and sustainability efforts when you partner with us.

Become a Supplier

Take the first step toward joining our supplier network. 

Become a Carrier

Complete our prospective carrier form here.

Supplier Diversity

Learn how we help support underrepresented businesses.


Supporting commitments to our environment. 

Sustainable Solutions

Supplier Diversity: Products

Learn about the types of products provided by diverse suppliers.

Supplier Diversity: Requirements

Discover what it takes to become a diverse supplier for Grainger.