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Facility Services

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For the Facility Pros

Discover solutions to help prolong the life of your structures and support safety initiatives. Backed by a network of qualified providers, our facility services can help you solve existing problems and ensure continued use of your facilities for the future.

Building Envelope Services

Our proactive approach evaluates the current state of your building envelope and determines how to extend the life of your assets, helping keep them dry, safe and sustainable.

Flooring Services

With new or repaired flooring, you can improve aesthetics and help keep employees safe by eliminating problems due to slips and trips.

Assembly & Installation Services

Full turn-key design, assembly and installation services to support your facility-related initiatives from planning to completion.

HVAC Restoration Services

Improve your facility's energy efficiency, air quality, life span and ROI through HVAC restoration.

Grainger Services

For the ones who need a hand, we’re standing by with services that help keep your operations running, people safe and costs under control. Contact your Grainger rep today.


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Our Latest Facility Catalog is Online!

Get all the benefits of our print catalog combined with the searchable convenience of online shopping for the facility-related products you need.