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Energy Services

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For the Energy Savers

Reduce costs and conserve energy without disrupting your operations through Grainger’s network of qualified, insured and licensed service providers. From HVAC upgrades, compressed air system studies and lighting retrofits to water conservation, steam system assessments and more, see how the Grainger Energy Services team can help you reduce your facility’s carbon footprint and expand your bottom line. 

Lighting Services

We can help increase the lighting quality of the interior and exterior of your facility. Our service partners can identify and facilitate the installation of energy-saving lighting measures that can help benefit your bottom line with minimal disruption to your business.

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HVAC Services

Get help optimizing your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with services that can help with improved use of energy, improved payback and ROI targets, reduced operating costs and upgraded infrastructure.

Solar Installation Services

Our service providers can help make going solar easy so you can save energy, reach sustainability goals, take advantage of incentives and reduce your carbon footprint all while saving your business money.

Utility Rebate Program

Grainger can help you meet your energy-reduction and cost-savings goals by offering automatic rebates on energy-efficient products through select midstream utility incentive programs.

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  • UV Disinfectant Lighting
  • Electrical Services
  • Thermal Blanket Installation
  • Steam System Assessments and Upgrades
  • Motors and Drives Upgrades
  • Compressed Air Systems and Studies
  • Water Conservation
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Dust Collection System and Studies

Grainger Services

For the ones who need a hand, we’re standing by with services that help keep your operations running, people safe and costs under control. Contact your Grainger rep today.




Variable Frequency Drives


Water Conservation / Plumbing


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