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Grainger Services / Safety Program Management Services

Managed Safety Programs

Services to help workers get essential safety gear. Get started when you contact your Grainger rep today.

For the Safety Minded

We can help handle administrative work to ease the burden of managing safety programs like protective footwear and prescription safety eyewear. Employees get the protection they need while you save time and money.

Footwear Kiosk

A compact, self-serve, point-of-use kiosk provides 24/7 access to your custom online safety footwear program. Make sure employees get the footwear protection they need on the job with wireless, secure and dedicated kiosks that can be installed in common areas for easy access. 

Prescription Safety Eyewear

Prescription safety glasses programs provide online, kiosk or local optician ordering options with a wide range of choices and price points with frames and lenses that meet ANSI Z87 standards. Improve worker comfort and productivity by eliminating the need to wear over-the-glass or double glasses.

Grainger Shoemobile

Safety footwear comes directly to your facility as a scheduled event, with a wide range of styles and sizes stocked in our 45’ tractor-trailers or 26’ trucks. Employees have the opportunity to try on shoes and boots to help ensure the right fit with professional help and support from Grainger’s trained Service Representatives. A minimum of 50 employees is required for a shoemobile visit to a site. 

Hoya SRx Made Easy Program

A self-service program with no minimum number of employees and no minimum program size designed to help improve compliance and make program administration easier. This program requires no set up and you can begin ordering today!

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Hoya SRx Made Easy Program

Onsite Footwear Center

You can have a convenient footwear store at your location! A great option for companies that meet targeted purchase volumes. An incredibly efficient solution for employees to get approved inventory with displays of exactly the protective footwear they want and need.

Safety Footwear Center

Get the advantages of a managed footwear program combined with the convenience of trying on footwear at over 40 local Grainger branches across the U.S. You'll find a large selection of styles to choose from with all transactions going through our Benefit Management System. 

Grainger Services

For the ones who need a hand, we're standing by with services that help keep your operations running, people safe and costs under control. Contact your Grainger rep today. 


The Grainger Shoemobile Experience


Safety Toe Work Boots & Shoes

Safety Toe Work Boots & Shoes

Women's Safety Toe Boots/Shoes

Women's Safety Toe Boots/Shoes



Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

Eye Protection Accessories

Eye Protection Accessories

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Our Safety Footwear Guide is Online!

Get all the benefits of our print catalog combined with the immediate, searchable convenience of online shopping.

Safety Footwear Guide is Online