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Services and Solutions / KeepStock

Inventory Management

Take Control of Your Stuff

Contact your Grainger rep to get started.

Inventory managed. Space organized. Time and money saved.

What if there was an easier way to ensure you have the right parts, tools and supplies in the right place right when you need them?

Put Grainger’s experience to work for you. It’s almost like managing your stuff – those critical inventory items that keep your operations running – on autopilot. From customer-controlled options to industrial vending machines and more onsite support when you need it, see how our inventory management specialists and Grainger KeepStock solutions can help you save time, space and money.


25% of the time maintenance can’t find what they need


60% of existing inventory space is wasted


*Source: Grainger Consulting Services

Explore Solutions

Want digital tools to easily manage inventory from your desk or on the go?


Start with tools for better visibility and management of Grainger materials



Don’t want to give up control but need to ensure your crew has what it needs?


Scheduled visits help ensure the right Grainger materials are kept on hand


Losing time going back and forth searching for the items you need?


Use vending machines to control use of Grainger items at their point of use

How does a resource to help manage your tool crib sound?


Dedicated resource with daily presence manages all Grainger materials

Need all inventory managed, no matter where you bought it?


Specialist provides MRO supply chain expertise and multi-supplier support

Deployed individually or working together, these five solutions are supported through one digital platform to help you know:

  • What is being used
  • Who is using what

  • How much has been ordered
  • How much is obsolete

For existing KeepStock customers, log in here, or call 1.888.753.0019 for technical support.

Our Dedicated, Experienced Team Helps:

  • Define inventory management strategies
  • Map current and future state processes
  • Perform total cost modeling and data analytics

All designed to help you save time, space and money in the way you purchase, manage and consume indirect materials.

See KeepStock Solutions in Action

Take a virtual tour of a typical facility to see the different ways your operations can benefit from a customized KeepStock installation.

You’re In Control


Contact your Grainger rep or talk to one of our inventory management specialists at 1.888.753.0019. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and share solution options.


Whether you need web-based, do-it-yourself tools or onsite support to manage your inventory for you, we will create custom solutions to give you the visibility and control to help keep your business running smoothly.


From organizing your crib to optimizing your vending machine setup, our inventory pros work with you to install your unique inventory solutions.

Watch Inventory Management Come to Life

An Easier Way to Manage Inventory


Grainger Inventory Management & the Chicago Cubs

Grainger KeepStock solutions are subject to customer eligibility and agreements.