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Services and Solutions / Emergency Services


Helping you plan, respond and recover faster

Contact your Grainger rep or call 1.800.GRAINGER (472-4643)

For the Ones Who Keep Going

When others are counting on you, you can count on Grainger.

Connect with Us

From emergency planning to your response and recovery phases, count on Grainger to help support your operations and community. We're here to help during times of great need. Call 1.800.GRAINGER (472-4643) to place your order 24/7. We’ll help you with real-time product availability to find what you need.

Contact your Grainger rep today!

After-Hours Emergency Service

Call 1.800.CALL.WWG to open a branch any time—even nights and weekends.* (Available in most branches throughout the U.S., but varies by market.) Our branches are staffed by experienced customer service professionals who can help you quickly find what you need.

Emergency Support Teams

We’ll quickly mobilize internal and external resources to assist troubled communities in the event of an emergency.

Extended Hours & Personnel

During major disasters, Grainger branches may stay open 24 hours (unless curfews are imposed by local authorities). Added personnel help take orders, assist customers at the counter and load trucks. For your safety, we offer curbside pickup service at all branch locations. Plus, our call centers are available 24/7 to take your orders.

Essential Product Availability

Trailers containing critical products will be dispatched to support relief efforts within hours of a disaster. Contingency plans with our suppliers allow us to provide additional equipment quickly.

*A 50 fee may apply, Grainger account required. We can establish a new account for business customers at the time of the emergency call.

Resources You Can Use

Branch News

Branch News





Emergency Management: Step 4, Recovery

Emergency Management: Step 4, Recovery

Supporting Customers Testimonial

The coronavirus pandemic forced non-essential business to shut down,classrooms to close and millions of citizens to shelter in place. An hour after South Carolina announced school closings on a Sunday evening, one school district asked Grainger for help. The district needed seven dozen large coolers to make sure every child could receive a meal during the school closure. "I met my customer at our (Greenville) distribution center at 9 p.m.," the district's Grainger Account Manager said. "Our Greenville team, myself and the customer hand loaded these coolers into his truck to take back to the school to be prepped for food for the next day."