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Home / Services and Solutions

Grainger Solutions

Services and Solutions to Help You Solve Critical Issues

Not sure where to start? A Grainger Rep can help you discover all the ways we help you focus on what matters most to your business.

Procurement – Inventory – Safety – Maintenance & Operations and more...

It’s about more than product. Grainger solutions provide the extra hands and expertise to help with obstacles that may be holding your business back. We’re standing by with services and resources to help keep your operations running, people safe and costs under control. Discover how Grainger Solutions can fit into your plans for success.

Procurement Processes

Streamlining the procurement process can help save businesses time & money by improving productivity, simplifying tasks, and reducing costs. Work with our eCommerce and Consulting Services teams to define, map, and implement procurement strategies and powerful eCommerce tools.

  • Streamline Processes
  • Reduce Errors
  • Save Time

Grainger Procurement Processes

Inventory Management

Make sure parts, tools and supplies are right where you need them with help from KeepStock® Inventory Management solutions and Grainger Consulting Services. 

  • Optimize Inventory
  • Manage Space and Consumption
  • Control Costs

Grainger KeepStock


Turnkey EH&S services and resources that can help you meet your goal of protecting people and property.

  • Avoid Injuries
  • Manage Risk
  • Maintain Compliance


Facility Maintenance & Operations

Discover solutions to help you solve existing problems and ensure the continued, productive use of your equipment and facilities.

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Support Sustainability
  • Keep Operations Running

Grainger Facility Maintenance & Operations

Sustainability Solutions

We're dedicated to helping you achieve your sustainability goals by providing relevant products, services and resources that span the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability. 

Green Resources

Emergency Preparedness

Let us help with answers to the unanticipated needs that arise when protecting people and property. We're standing by to help make sure you’re ready before, during and after your next emergency.

Emergency Preparedness

Diversity Solutions

Meet your diversity requirements through our strategic combination of products, supply chain, services. Our diversity expertise includes a network of diverse suppliers, authorized resellers and service providers.

Emergency Preparedness

Global Export

Grainger Global Export offers services and solutions that are globally-served with local experience to help ease the pressures associated with MRO distribution outside of the United States.

Emergency Preparedness

Everyone Can Use Some KnowHow

Your comprehensive online source for MRO-related guides, tips and trends updates regularly. Don’t miss the latest news you can use.

Big League Inventory Solutions

Our inventory management solutions fit the Cubs like a glove to enhance productivity and the fan experience.