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Sustainability Solutions / Economic

Economic Sustainability Solutions

Helping You Foster Efficient and Prosperous Business Practices

Navigate the Economic Aspect of Sustainability


Grainger is here to help enhance your organization’s profitability by championing efficient, prosperous and sustainable business practices that drive productivity throughout. Product consolidation, inventory management, procurement streamlining, value-added services and value documentation is not only smart business, but also good for the environment.

KeepStock® Inventory Management

From controlled inventory solutions to industrial vending machines, Grainger’s Inventory Management Solutions help you reduce your environmental footprint due to less and/or consolidated product transportation, reduced storage space and lower inventory management cost. Product standardization and optimization is not only smart business, but also good for the environment.


Choose from a menu of services offered through our network of qualified, insured and licensed providers. Let us help keep your operations running sustainably, people safe and costs under control.


Grainger eProcurement automates multiple transactions including catalog shopping, orders, order acknowledgements, advanced ship notices and invoices. These digital solutions on average save customers up to 50% in process costs and eliminate manual, paper-based communication with integrated processes and real-time information.

Documenting Value

Get access to a variety of cost-saving metrics for products, solutions and services including sustainability, productivity, safety, training and inventory management in a comprehensive report. On top of learning details about your realized value, you can share receipts, review rebates, incentives and more!


Find the sustainability solutions designed to help your organization meet on-going energy, waste, air and water management sustainability goals.


Create a safer, more secure and sustainable workplace with our products and services to help improve the quality of life for your employees and communities—all while encouraging diversity spend.

For the Ones Who Dig Deeper

The Grainger KnowHow site has news, insights, videos and interactive content to help you stay in the know.

Our Latest Everyday Essentials Catalog is Online!

Our Latest Everyday Essentials Catalog is Online

Get all the benefits of our print catalog combined with the searchable convenience of online shopping for the products you need.

Our Latest Everyday Essentials Catalog is Online